Fischer Excavating Incorporated was
founded in 1994 and incorporated in 1995.
With its corporate offices located in
Freeport, Illinois, the firm’s initial efforts
were excavating services for rural, farm
projects and residential developments.
Driven by a customer-first approach,
early complex, challenging projects
involving demolition and site preparation
In February 1997, the firm acquired the
assets and operations of Economy
Excavating Co. which included its quarry
operations. This acquisition was the first
of several that launched Fischer
Excavating to new heights and positioned
the firm for more challenging
opportunities. Today Fischer Excavating
is a complex contracting firm responsible
for heavy and highway transportation
projects, municipal and county
infrastructure improvements and
commercial, industrial and residential
developments. The firm operates 15
quarries in a 6 county region in
Northwestern Illinois, producing and
supplying state-approved construction
aggregates for some of the most
sophisticated construction applications

The firm is pre-qualified for transportation
(and related infrastructure) development
with the Illinois Department of
Transportation, Illinois Capital
Development Board and the U.S. Army
Corp of Engineers. Fischer Excavating
has successfully completed development
projects for airports, streets, road and
highway construction projects, power
plant sites, waste water plants, corporate
offices, warehouses, manufacturing
facilities, landfills, commercial
developments, residential subdivisions,
storm water detention ponds, waterways
and various agricultural projects.

The Fischer Team continues to
emphasize customer satisfaction as fuel
for its continued, rapid growth. This vast
knowledge and experience in the
construction industry applied through the
highest standards are available to you for
your next project. Contact the Fischer
Team today by phone; 815.233.3232 or by
Fischer Stone and Materials was
founded in 2005 to supply
architectural stone for commercial,
residential and industrial projects as
well as a wide range of landscape,
stone products. The initial raw
material is available from 15
quarries in Northwestern IL. These
quarries produce a fine grained,
dolomitic limestone in natural gray
and buff colors.

Full veneer and natural thin veneer
are produced for the architectural
market along with full compliment of
ancillary items such as keystones,
sills, quoins, hearths, caps and
other cut stone. Veneer products
are available in sawed course
heights and natural layers split to
size as natural, tumbled or
rockfaced finish. For the landscape
markets, Fischer Stone produces
outcropping stones, wall stone,
benches, steps, 8 inch cut drywall
and more.
National Sales call: 815-541-1425
Fischer Incorporated
1567 Heine Rd.
Freeport IL 61032
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